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10 M Indoor Air Rifle
CCFSA Youth Archery
  The Clinton County Farmers and Sportsman Club is pleased to announce the start of the Youth Air Rifle Team on September 16, 2017.  This start date allows the youth(s) and their family to windup the summer and get settled into a new school year.
The air rifle team welcomes all individuals 8-17 to participate in this shooting sport. Shooting sports are one of the safest of all youth sports.  The young shooter/athlete will learn:
a.       Safety
b.       Discipline
c.       Rewards of hard work, and
d.       Marksmanship

The benefit to the shooter/athlete is improved:
a.       Concentration skills
b.       Self-control and emotional control
c.       Responsibility
d.       Fair play and sportsmanship
e.       Self-image
As in all sports, our athletes will use specific equipment. Similar to baseball using balls, gloves, bats, and bases, we will use air rifles, clear bore indicators (CBIs), .177 pellets, slings, gloves (optional), targets, and target holders/backstop systems. Likewise, as baseball uses specific safety equipment, helmets, pads, face and mouth guards, the air rifle participants will use eye protection, and hearing protection.
The youth air rifle team candidates will initially participate in a class on rifle safety and range operations.   The shooter/athlete is then required to successfully complete a safety exam before being allowed to participate in range activities.
Once range activities are approved, athletes will progress through the following sessions:
a.      Bench supported and zero,
b.      Standing unsupported,
c.      Prone and use of the sling, and
d.      Knelling and use of the sling.
The shooter/athlete will be encouraged to participate in various competitions sponsored by various organization, such as the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) postal matches.
For more information contact Dave Schklar at
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