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Monthly Member Update
November 2022
Autumn is upon us, trees are turning and the days are getting shorter. I would like to remind all members that shooting stops at sunset.
We plan to offer credit card dues payment on We realize a lot of people don’t use checks anymore. In the meantime, you can pay in person by credit card, cash or check when Rick is at the club. There will be a $5.00 credit card convenience fee and you need to fill out the renewal form.
Board member elections are coming up. Please see the announcement below for details.
I’m sure everyone is aware that midterm elections are on November 8th. I urge everyone to get out and vote if you haven’t already.
News From the Board of Directors

Board of Directors  Elections
    In January 2023 CCFSA will  hold elections for 7 board member positions. The club has 21 board members in  three groups elected for staggered three-year terms. Board members serve the  club by providing leadership and accountability for the opearting committes,  such as Safety, Rifle/Pistol, and Archery, as well as offices of President,  Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The requirements to become a board  member are simple: you must be a CCFSA member for at least one year, and be  elected by membership at the annual election.
    If you are interested in  serving the club in a board role, please send a bio and photo to John Tonkin  at ( or Mark Byrne at ( by the end of November.  Candidate bios and election/meeting information will be published in the  December CCFSA Member Update.
    Committee Leadership  Changes
    Looking ahead Treasurer James  Scott, is planning to step down at the end of 2022. Thank you Jim for the  work you have done for the club as its Treasurer the last few years! Your  leadership and diligence have made a difference!
    If you are interested in serving  CCFSA as its Treasurer, please contact Jim at  to be considered. In addition to requisite financial management and reporting  experience, you must be a CCFSA member with at least one year tenure and be  elected to a Board of Directors position at the end of this year.
    Ohio Gun Collectors  Association
    The Ohio Gun Collectors  Association (OGCA) is an organization with thousands of members that collect  and sell firearms. Membership requires the sponsorship of a current member(s)  and costs around $50.00/year. The Association meets 6 times a year at the  Roberts Centre in Wilmington, OH. The next meeting is scheduled for November  19th and 20th. Many CCFSA Members are currently active at OGCA. If you want  to join OGCA, contact Jim Scott at  for information. We may be able to set you up with a guest pass ($15) and  eventually a membership. For several years, the OGCA, in partnership with  Sportsmen's Alliance Foundation, has provided significant grant funds to  CCFSA Youth programs.
    Legislative News  Highlights
    Last month, AmmoLand News  posted about the new anti-gun policies of  shipping giant UPS. Now it appears that the common carrier is stepping up its  anti-gun programs. Firearms sellers started to receive a new agreement that  they must sign to ship firearms through UPS. The most concerning of these new  requirements is that UPS requires gun companies to turn over customer data  and must allow UPS access to review and examine the shipper’s books and  records relevant to the products being shipped upon request. The shipper must  also provide UPS with invoices for any firearms-related products.
    These are bills supported by  the Buckeye Firearms  Association, which, as currently written, will reduce firearm  regulations and expand Second Amendment rights:
    • HB 12 - ENFORCE CONSTITUTIONAL       RIGHTS (Sponsor: Diane V. Grendell) To provide for a writ of       mandamus or prohibition to enforce a person's constitutional right       against a chief administrative officer or elected executive official       whose duty is to uphold the Ohio and United States Constitutions.
    • HB 62 - DESIGNATE OHIO A SECOND       AMENDMENT SANCTUARY (Sponsors: Mike Loychik, Diane V.       Grendell) To designate the State of Ohio as a Second Amendment Sanctuary       State and to name this act the Ohio Second Amendment Safe Haven Act.
    • HB 89 - REPEAL THE DUTY TO       "PROMPTLY" INFORM (Sponsor: Scott Wiggam) *** MOOT       - SB 215 INCLUDES THIS CHANGE *** To modify the requirement that a       concealed handgun licensee must notify a law enforcement officer that       the licensee is authorized to carry a concealed handgun and is carrying       a concealed handgun when stopped.
    • HB 99 - EXEMPT ARMED SCHOOL       PERSONNEL FROM POLICE TRAINING (Sponsor: Thomas Hall) ***       SIGNED BY GOVERNOR - GOES INTO EFFECT SEPT. 11, 2022 *** To expressly       exempt persons authorized to go armed within a school safety zone from a       requirement to complete extensive peace officer basic training.
    Finally, VOTE on or before  November 8th, please SUPPORT  THOSE THAT SUPPORT US and vote YES on Ohio Issues 1 & 2.
    Veterns Day - Friday  November 11th
    Thank you to all CCFSA members and who served in the  United States Armed Forces! We appreciate your service and sacrifice to  preserve our freedoms.
Safety Brief
Safety is every member’s responsibility, whether you are on a range or using the facility for other recreational interests. The rules are put in place for everyone to follow and for everyone to enforce. Safety should be on everyone’s mind all the time. If you have a safety related issue that is on your mind, contact any Board member, match director, Range Safety Officer, or Safety Officer. Most of the time, especially weekends, you can find someone to fill this bill on-site. If you can’t find one on-site, give someone on the Safety Committee a call. You can find Don French (937) 783-2762 or Darin Ashley (520) 818-4510.
Here is this month’s Brief from Darin Ashley, Chief RSO:
A Quality Holster Improves Safety - You need to move past the nylon flippy floppy to a quality holster. Some holster basics to consider include:
  • Must have a     rigid mouth to facilitate re-holster with only one hand to avoid flagging     your support hand.
  • Must have     positive retention, so when you are doing cart wheels at your daughter’s     wedding the gun does not go sliding across the floor on video.
  • Must cover the     trigger and trigger guard, so tree limbs or curious fingers cannot find     the trigger while in the holster.
  • Do not get a     holster that requires you to use your trigger finger to release the     handgun. Trigger fingers only have one job and get easily confused.
  • A tensioning     screw is a good add-on to get the correct amount of positive retention.
If you would like a simple recommendation, I have never gone wrong with a Safariland. The 7377 ALS sells for under $40

Here is a summary of current  and upcoming events. For more information, please contact the individuals  listed.
Armed Women of  America
AWA meeting will be November  10th at 6pm in the clubhouse. Contact Kristie Kiphart at  or (937) 218-2512.
Board of  Directors/Membership
The next meeting will be held  on Wednesday, November 9th from 7:00 - 8:30 PM in the clubhouse. All members  are welcome and encouraged to attend! The meeting agenda generally consists  of:
  • The       Pledge of Allegiance
  • Review       and Approve Minutes from Previous Month
  • Treasurer’s       Report, discussion and approval
  • Committee       Chair Reports
  • New       Business
  • Adjourn
The next IDPA match will be  November 6th. Contact Mike at
The SASS Match is November  19th. Contact Mike Marconet at (937) 302-7060.
The next 3-gun match is  November 20th. Contact Ryan Dixon at
The Shotgun Committee will  attempt to operate the Shotgun Range as much as possible throughout the Fall.  Depending on volunteer availability and weather, it is likely that organized  Sunday events will cease at some point in November and resume in the Spring.
If you are interested in  using the Shotgun Range during non-scheduled times, or would like to learn  more about shotgun sports at CCFSA, please contact:
DO  NOT carry any firearm with the action closed and always be aware of  your muzzle direction. Break-action shotguns should be carried with the  action open and muzzle pointed toward the ground. Semi-auto and pump-action  shotguns should be carried with the action open and muzzle pointed toward the  sky. All chambers and magazines should be completely empty until at a  designated shooting position.
The next Ohio CCW Course will be hled November 12th from  8am-6pm, cost is $90. Register by November 10th. Contact Kristie Kiphart at  or (937) 218-2512.
Volunteer Opportunities
Fall means outdoor chores at home, same at the club! It can be as simple as picking up trash, emptying trash cans on the R/P, Shotgun and Clubhouse areas into the dumpster. We especially need more volunteers to empty trash cans!
RSO/BOD members are needed to conduct new member orientations. Please sign up here.
A volunteer is needed to plan and run future Gun Show/Swap Meets. Two successful meets were held this spring/summer and now its time for more members to get involved for these events to continue. For more information contact Jim Scott at
  • Unlike other clubs, CCFSA has an open membership model with no initiation fees. Please invite your friends to join us! There is something here for everyone.
    During October, the Board approved 15 new members. Current club membership is 1196, including 109 life members.
    If any CCFSA member has a change of mailing address, phone number or email address, please send an email at so that we can keep the records accurate.
Meet a Club Member
By Eric Laing
Meet Tom Molly

I ran into Dr. Tom Molloy, DVM, on the 200-yard range  while he was working with his Savage rifle chambered in Winchester 270. He  was planning to take it elk hunting in Colorado later this fall, but first  wanted to get it zeroed at 200 yards. He had been told that his Bushnell 3-9x  optic had been bore sighted at 100 yards, so he was surprised when none of  his shots were landing on the paper at 200 yards. Fortunately, he had his  solution at hand – a roll of duct tape. Applying strips around his target, he  built out his paper target sufficiently so that he could see where his next  shots landed. After several sight adjustments, he was hitting the bull’s-eye.  
 Tom has been a CCFSA member for more than six years, and initially got  involved with pistol shooting at the club. He has participated in numerous  Gunfighter and other training classes put on by Darin Ashley.
 He especially enjoys having so many bays with different ranges available, noting  that, even on days with events, he can generally find an open bay. In fact,  that day he planned to start zeroing on the 100-yard range, but found it was  in use by a 3-gun event, so he went to the 200-yard range since no one was  using it. He commented that it would be unbelievable fun to have a 500-yard  range that where he could test the limits of his Savage.
 Say hello to Tom next time you see him at the club.
Sponsors of the Month
The Club appreciates the support of all our sponsors and encourages members to consider them for your related needs.
Click the picture to find out more information.
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